G2 is an indoor percussion ensemble based out of Grand Rapids. Founded in 2015, G2 currently competes in the 'Percussion Independent A' class of the MCGC and local WGI Regional competitions. Comprised of students from various high schools and universities in Greater Grand Rapids and West Michigan, the ensemble serves as a sibling organization -- a "feeder" of sorts -- to Genesis Percussion, a five-time WGI Finalist. G2's primary purpose is the education of young, hard-working, talented percussionists (age 13-22) who desire to perform above & beyond what their school can offer!


Our goal, as a staff, is to help prepare our students for life beyond the classroom. We use indoor drumline as a tool to instill in the members a strong sense of responsibility, discipline, and comaraderie. The friendships they develop go beyond school districts and mascots; the life lessons they learn can immediately and directly be applied to their everyday lives, at school, and in their eventual careers.